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Day Thirty: Post About Anything You Want

Well, as usual, this is a day late. I had a hellish few days at work because of Black Friday and all the related shenanigans. I don't really have any idea of what to blog about, so I guess I'll just spew stuff at you.

ReMoPodMo finished:) I had a very productive month. I produced 12 hours of podfic, 2 completed stories and I recorded another 4 because I was in the zone. So I clocked about 100 hours of podfic production between recording (28 hours of raw files), editing, making coverart, pre-reading, final listen-thrus, uploading, posting and all the other things we do.

My podfic 1year anniversary was the 23rd. I really wanted to publish my long project (which will be posted either tonight or tomorrow) on that day, but LIFE happened. I've been working my ass off the whole month and sometimes I'm just too tired to do everything I want to do. 

I haven't been reading much, but I have about 30 open fics, a lot of them TW Fall Harvest fics to read. I'm going to go easy in December. I'm a bit burnt out from ReMo. So I plan on doing a lot of reading in December. As far as regular reading, I did finish Temeraire #3 and #4 as well as both of Jay Northcote's books.

I've been watching a lot of tele during my podficcing breaks. Dancing With The Stars and The Voice were my guilty pleasures. DWTS ended, and The Voice has only a few weeks left. Downton also ended, leaving me engrossed in Elementary, Sons Of Anarchy, Bones, AHS:Coven, and Reign. I'm not sure if I'm going to continue with the latter though, because it has yet to really hook me. I also caught up on Supernatural S8 and have, for the first time ever, become current with the watching of the show. So I finally know what everyone is talking about. It's so weird. 

I haven't watched any films at all lately. If you'd have asked me like 2 years ago if that was possible, I would have laughed in your face. There was a time when all I did is watch movies. Back in the Blockbuster days. But yea, I think I'm over it. ALSO. Blockbuster announced they are closing their remaining stores. A part of me jumped for joy since they royally fucked me. Then the other part of me was sad for all the people still working there that are about to go through what I did. Also, all of those childhood memories of going to the video store...it's all very sad. 

I think in the next few days I'm going to do an analysis of my first year of podfic production. I looked over my spreadsheet the other day and I know I produced 70+ hours in year 1, but I would really like to look at the whole picture. Look at downloads/kudos/comments/length/fandom etc. I know people usually do an end of the year wrap up, so maybe I will count those first few weeks of 2012 and do my end of year/first year all rolled into one. 

Um, what else?? My newest obsession is Stilinskicest. But really, that's not surprising. ShameOTP blog has been a breath of fresh air in my daily internet routine. Bless Yue for inviting me to it. (I'm not sure if it's a secret thing, but I see other people in my twitter timeline talking about it, so I'm *assuming* it's okay to mention). Blessblessbless the authors writing for that ship. 

I think I'm going to record some Buster/Timmy Baseball RPF fic next. Anna_unfolding is a goddess and made the best podfic I've ever heard in my whole damn life, and now I have a mad hankering to do one too. <3

I ate a guinness caramel chocolate bar last night, and I think my tastebuds had orgasms. 

Ohhh. And I finally finished making my 1000 origami cranes. I've been folding them for about 4-5 months I think. Usually to distract myself or while I'm watching tele. Now I have to decide what to do with them. I wrote my wish on the 1000th one and folded it up and mixed it in the box. So I hope it comes true. 

This 30 day journal meme has been fun. It's nice to know that people are reading them, perhaps learning more about me. I don't think I'm terribly interesting or anything, but I am an open book and love to share. I enjoy reading everyone's journals and comments. I quite like my little place in the DW world. Next time I think I'm going to do a 30 day photography blog challenge. It came to my attention how many of these blog challenges their are, and weirdly I quite enjoyed ending my day over on Dreamwidth, posting these little daily tidbits. 

That's all i've got for now. Thanks for reading:)


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Date: 2013-12-02 12:41 pm (UTC)
majoline: picture of Majoline, mother of Bon Mucho in Loco Roco 2 (Default)
From: [personal profile] majoline
I really like reading these, even if I'm never sure what to say! :D

The memes are fun though; I'm currently enjoying the December topics one. I'm looking forward to your podfic anniversary piece.

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