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Stretch yourself a little and try something new. Go play in a new fandom or with a new pairing or
trope. Try creating a different kind of fanwork. Or check out some types of fanworks that new
to you. The recs from Day 1, Day 3, and Day 9 might be a good place to start!) Leave a
comment in this post saying you did it.

This is a really hard challenge. I wasn't in the mood to make anything, so instead I explored some tropes in other fandoms. I read 2 merpeople Sherlock fics (x,x) and a tentacle Star Trek fic (x). Both fandoms I don't actively read. I opened a Merlin fic that my friend [archiveofourown.org profile] jsea wrote (x), so I plan on reading that before bed. Going outside of my comfort zone isn't something I do often, but I just have to tell myself that randomly reading a fic in a new fandom is what got me into my current one. Don't know if I'll read any more in these fandoms, but the effort was made to try something new.
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Day Eleven: The Last ....

1. Food you ate? 29 reduced-fat cheez-its.

2. Song you listened to? Buzzcut Season by Lorde.

3. Object you touched? Other than my computer? Dixie cup.

4. Movie you watched? Pacific Rim.

5. TV show you watched? Last nights Downton Abbey episode.

6. Book you read? Temeraire #4.

7. Fan fiction you read? Part 12 of Starts With F, End With U

8. [Podfic] you listened to? The FCC Won't Let Me by majoline. (The original question was audiobook/podcast)

9. Time you orgasmed? This morning. 

10. Time you showered? This morning.

11. Time you exercised? This afternoon.

12. Thing you created? A podfic for The Soft-Lipped Gangbanged Boy by ya3ani.

13. Person you talked to? My mother.

14. Email you received? My kudos email from AO3.

15. Fight you had? I *think* an argument with dancinbutterfly.

16. Time you threw up? Like a week ago when I was sick.

17. Call you made? I called my dad.

18. Call you received? Target pharmacy telling me my prescription is ready.

19. Youtube video you watched? Jose Gonzales - Heartbeats

20. Picture/gif you reblogged? An American Horror Story Tarot Card art post.

21. Picture you took with your phone/camera? My cats sleeping together on my mum's bed. 

22. Impulsive thing you did? Got a tattoo of the name of the last person who broke my heart.

23. Lie you told? I said we didn't have something to a customer at work because I couldn't find it.

24. Liquid you drank? Guinness Draught. (From the dixie cup)

25. Place you travelled to on holiday? San Diego, Mission Beach, Cali.

26. Concert you went to? Ummmmmm. The Yeah Yeah Yeahs.

27. Object you purchased? A loofa. 

28. Location you drove to? The gas station.

29. Time you cried? 2 days ago.

30. Person you told 'I love you'? I think Jess when we were gchatting.

31. Webpage you visited? Fitbit.com

32. Item of clothing you took off? My shirt.

33. Text you sent? Yayyyyy to reliand via iMessage.

34. Time you laughed? Ummmmm. I think at an All-State commercial. (Mayhem.) 

35. Thing you dreamt? I dreamt of my mother executing me with a guillotine over and over and over.

36. Thing you downloaded? Araline's podfic for MFEO.

37. Time you changed your sheets? Last time I did laundry, a week ago.

38. Time you got angry? This morning. Mum was a bitch to me.

39. Person you fantasized about? I think it was Tim Lincecum.

40. Time you were happy? It's been a while...although I believe I had happy feelings when I finished recording Tiny Houses a few days ago.

41. Record you bought? (Ummm. I don't usually buy records...I acquire them) So probably Nick 13 by Nick 13.

42. Curse word you said? Cunt.

43. Thing you ruined? IDEK? My mascara?

44. Thing that creeped you out? A spider in my bed.

45. Time you went on a date? A few months ago with my then boyfriend.

46. Received a gift? A few weeks ago, Jess bought me my new Snowball mic:D (Because she's the most lovely and amazing person in the whole wide world and I'd marry her if she wasn't straight.)

47. Joke you told? During kings cup a like 2 months ago when I got a jack. J:What do old ladies smell like? PL: Depends. (Someone laughed, I didn't have to drink.)

48. Time you fell in love? A year ago?? Maybe less. 

49. Time you wrote someone a letter? A few months ago. A postcard.

50. Promise you made? Something private to my therapist.

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