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Day Twenty-Three: What Is Your Spirit Animal?

Oooo. I already have an answer for this. When I read His Dark Materials when I was younger, I decided my daemon would've been an arctic fox. I love going to zoos and I have a fond childhood memory of going to the San Diego Zoo and falling in love with the arctic fox. Like we had a legit moment together. He was being flirty flirty with me, running back and forth and preening for my attention. I took a gazillion pictures of him. Anyway. Like all the animals ignored me, except that fox. And I stood at his enclosure forever while people came and went, and he totes ignored them and just pranced over to me and made eyes with me the whole time. 

He was like the best part of that whole trip for me. I fell in love with the little guy. So when I was a kid I looked up everything I could on arctic foxes and they became my animal. My power/spirit/daemon animal. 

Last year I went back to the zoo and passed the Polar Bears to find the arctic fox and even though it wasn't the same dude, we had a moment....and it was awesome:) I'm 32 and I still have my arctic fox plushie that my dad bought me like 25 years ago in the gift shop. 

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