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Day Three: Meaning Of My Name/Blog

Well. I've gone through many names. My nickname is Jinx (or Jinxy). For a long time I went by Miss Deidra in online communities. I was super active on a porn website's forum, and everyone on that site knew me as MissDeidra. There are still lots of interviews out there of me on camera talking as MissDeidra. I used to be pretty active in the kink community as well. Once upon a time you could find me on fetlife.com and collarme.com under Mistress Deidra. So my name sort of popped up out of an smush of those things.

I have a horrible habit of jinxing people when I talk/type to them. So naturally the nickname popped up and stuck. When I decided to start journaling and posting podfics, I chose to use the name Jinx to get away from the place I was in when I was known as MissDeidra. Since jinx is such a popular word, I attached the mistress to the front of it. 

My tumblr blog is called Armpits & Shotguns. Once upon a time, long long ago... I was chilling in a hotel room with some gay porn stars. It was during San Diego Pride 2010. Myself and the object of my gay porn affection (well, gay-for-pay, turns out he wasn't so gay) were hanging out, getting drunk and one thing let to another and we found ourselves shotgunning a particular type of cigarette with me going to town eating his armpits out. OTHER things happened in that hotel room too, but it would be unladylike of me to spill those details. In the end, my favorite moment of that weekend became the title to my blog. 

So. I think that's about it on that front. :D

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