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Been listening to Transgender Dysphoria Blues non-stop for over a week. It is honestly one of the best records I've ever heard in all my 33 years. I can't get over how relevant and beautiful and honest and life changing this little 10 song record is. Laura Jane Grace writes lyrics that just fucking speak to my soul, okay? I've listened to like every Against Me! record through the years and they don't touch the honesty and emotion that this record does. Like seriously, I could take this record to the proverbial desert island and be happy to listen to it for the rest of my life. 

Fucking A+++++++++++ Fuck.


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Her Blood on His Bones series
written by [archiveofourown.org profile] secondstar | [livejournal.com profile] secondstar | [twitter.com profile] anfieldatheart | [tumblr.com profile] slipintothewater

Length: 59k
Summary: Stiles may be cursed but that doesn't mean he's going to lay down and die. He's going to fight. He won't stop, he can't stop. If he does, they win.

Length: 64k
Summary: Sometimes dreams are just dreams. Sometimes they are the warnings of dangers to come.

art by kaiyarrr

Now I don't use my journal to rec fics, but I think I will make the exception here for this series. I love this author, A LOT. I read everything she writes as WIPs because she updates regularly and never fails to deliver a great chapter. (And I rarely will read a WIP) I read HIs Dark Materials when I was a kid and loved the fuck out of those books, so anytime I see a Twoof/HDM crossover, I'm all over that shit like white on rice. I may or may not have spent an undisclosed large number of hours of my life trying to figure out what animal my daemon would be...(an arctic fox, thank you very much).

I've never been very articulate with praise, so that is why I don't really write up recs...but here I go: So this series is wonderful. Cartoon hearts in your eyes and everything. It's long fic that keeps you interested the whole time, there are sexytimes (oh man!), there is lots of action, it's engaging and not always predictable, you don't have to have read HDM or be familiar with the 'verse to understand this story. The author does a great job of injecting you into the world and giving you the knowledge you need to enjoy the journey. This is such a great series. For some reason, when the secondstar decided to write a sequel (Havoc), it was sort of swept under the rug, and nobody really took notice. Which is just ridiculous, because it might just be better than the first one (Tremble), if I was the kind of person who judged things like that. Stiles and Derek's love story is so lovely. They were kinda made for each other, and the weight of their love and bond is so perfectly displayed through these fics. They love, they fight, they fuck, they talk, they are crazy in love and it's sooooo good.

Anyway. This series, is one my favorite series ever written in the Twoof fandom. I hope anyone that reads Sterek will give it a go and leave some love to the author. Get swept up, yo.


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