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Day Two: 20 Facts About Me

1. My name rhymes. Deidra Leigh Keveney. My dad's middle name is also Lee. Our last name was originally O'Keveney, but when the grandparents came over from Ireland they dropped the O. I really wish they hadn't. 

2. My great-great-grandmothers name was Gaga. No joke. The original Lady G. Except no imitations.

3. I'm a vegetarian. For about a decade now. I am borderline vegan, but I have a cheese weakness. I don't eat eggs or drink milk, but I fucking love cheese. Would eat cheese every meal if I could.

4. I'm a beer snob. My favorite beer is Xingu. I drink a guinness everyday. Usually as a meal replacement. But lets face it. It's like a meal anyway. So hearty. I'm currently going through a cider obsession. Which sucks because I hate wasting all those calories on hard cider....but....it tastes so fucking good.

5. My current fic obsession is all things incest. GIVE ME ALL THE INCESTY GOODNESS. (2nd place: Xeno)

6. I would give just about anything in the whole world to be the meat in a Mia Tyler/Liv Tyler sandwich. 

7. I can quote Repo!The Genetic Opera in it's entirety.

8. I have a gay porn stars name tattooed on my body. In his handwriting. He also has mine tattooed on him. In my handwriting. Next to his armpit. Ever want to see it? It's my tumblr icon.

9. I am bisexual. Like a hard Kinsey 3. Pun intended.

10. I wear size 14 US Womens shoes.
Here is a conversion chart so you realize how fucking huge my feet are.

11. According to the Humanmetrics Jung Typology Test I am ISFP. Introvert (56%) Sensing (12%) Feeling (50%) Perceiving (11%).

12. The sorting hat says I'm Slytherin. My wand is 13inches, made of sycamore with a dragon core and it's quite bendy.

13. Top 5 records: (In no particular order) 1. Spring Awakening: The Musical by Duncan Sheik 2. Fever To Tell by Yeah Yeah Yeahs 3. Good Mourning by Alkaline Trio 4. Murder Ballads by Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds 5. Tiger Army III: Ghost Tigers Rise by Tiger Army.

14. Gin is my poison.

15. I am a die hard San Francisco Giants fan. I bleed orange and black. 4 lyfe. Big Time Timmy Jim is my dude. 

16. Of any character on any television show, I am most like Jeffrey Murdock from Coupling.

17. I'm a Democrat. 

18. I've never had a real best friend. I've had long ass friendships, but never a bestie. I'm a bit of an introvert, so I have a hard time giving myself to people. I am also selfish and would rather have my own company than constantly go out. So that leaves me with a lot of online friends, and that's okay with me.

19. My favorite city in the world is New Orleans, LA. I've been there a bunch of times for Southern Decadence (the gay Mardi Gras). It is the most magical place on earth, for me. 

20. My very first gay porn star crush was the Falcon exclusive model, Erik Rhodes. He killed himself last year. I cried for 2 days straight. I'm still not over it.

That was incredibly hard. 

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