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Day Six: Recommend 5 Different Things You Love

Okay I'm total shit at writing up recs, so this is gonna be weird.

1. Book Night Film: A Novel by Marisha Pessl
I was lucky to receive an advanced readers copy of this novel. My mum works at a Barnes and Nobel and snatched it for me because we were broke and she couldn't afford to get me a birthday present. It might have been the best present ever! "Night Film tells the haunting story of a journalist who becomes obsessed with the mysterious death of a troubled prodigy--the daughter of an iconic, reclusive filmmaker." It's a huge ass book. It feels like it weighs 10lbs. I think you could kill someone with it. I loved the mystery of this novel. My favorite thing about it is how visual the book is. The book is filled with faux news articles, pictures, memos, letters, diagrams, shooting schedules, police reports. It's a stunning book. The book visually reminds me a lot of Leaves of Grass. It's definitely one of those books you want to put your hands all over instead of buying the ebook or getting the audiobook. What is so great is you get to go on the adventure of the murder investigation. It took me about a month to read it, but I throughly enjoyed it, and spent many nights failing to go to sleep because I was so engrossed in it.

2. Album Good Mourning by Alkaline Trio
OHHH this record. I love this record with all of my being. I fell for this band on accident. My old roommate had come over to my new apartment and stuck this CD in my player and accidentally left it there. Well I found it, and he never got it back! Alk3 is a pop-punk band in all of its glory. They sing about dark shit and they do it with a smile on their face. This record starts off with a song about a dude giving detailed instructions on how to kill him and play with his dead body. :D:D:D (This Could Be Love) And it ends with a dark and lovely break-up song that was so moving to me I decided to get the lyrics tattooed across my fucking chest for all time. (Blue In The Face) The band has 2 singers. Matt Skiba and Dan Andriano. Both dudes trade off on vocals and have such different sounds that somehow shouldn't work well together, but it fucking does. It's magic when they do their thing. They make one cohesive unit and write the most disturbingly beautiful songs that just gut me with their magical feels. Bonus. During the recording of the record, Skiba's voice started to deteriorate, he eventually had to have surgery, but the rawness of his vocals just adds to the raw emotional feeling I get when I put this album on. It was like a beautiful mistake that adds so much depth to his dark adventurous lyrics. Gods, I love this album.

3. Movie The Sum Of Us
That Australian gay film that Russell Crowe did before he got famous. This movie ties as my favorite film ever (with Beautiful Thing). I first watched this movie when I was a teenager with my mum. We had a life changing moment together watching it. The movie is about a Father and Son. It's a love story. I have major feels when I watch this thing because the love story between the two dudes is so fucking beautiful and moving. Even though the movie is about a father and son, my mother and I felt so connected to it. Like we hoped that someday our relationship would be that close and real. We watch it every once in a while and reminisce about how much it means to us. I can pretty much quote the fucking thing in its entirety. "CALL ME HENRIETTA!" I will never stop having relevance for me. I will love this movie until my dying day.

4. Fic Tiny Houses by ohmyjetsabel [Teen Wolf]
I didn't think a fic would ever surpass my love for the By and By series by 1001cranes. This fic just fucking ripped my heart out and pieced it back together. I LOVE EVERY SINGLE WORD OF IT. It's mpreg. It's got lots of angst. It's got body horror. It's got attempted abortion. It's got so much shit that makes people run in the other direction, but fuck! if I didn't just barrel straight into it and fucking hug the shit out of it. A lot of people left comments like: "I usually hate mpreg, but I loved this." "I usually hate kid!fic, but this was wonderful." So ohmyjetsabel did something that a lot of writers can't. She makes people who hate the subject matter, fall in love with it. My only gripe about it is that it ended. I would just about give my first born to see the 60k she cut out of the fic over the year it took her to write it. This fic is special. It is amazing. I rec it to anyone who wants to read honest to goodness 77k words of BRILLIANT fic. I hope I am doing it the justice it deserves with my podfic of it. (I will be releasing it on my 1 year podfic anniversary on the 23rd. It means that much to me.)

5. Podfic In The Stretch by anna_unfolding [Baseball RPF]
I can't really write a coherent review of this podfic. I can say I fucking loved it. I loved it so fucking much I left the author audio feedback. I loved it so much that I've listened to it like 5 times through now (it's almost 5 hours long)...and still queue up scenes from it on a daily basis. Perhaps that can say for me what I can't seem to put down into written words for you. Listen to my flailing here: (excuse the ums, breaths and giggles, I was super fucking nervous)

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