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Woke up today to a sour comment on my last project from [archiveofourown.org profile] JAK_in_the_box:

"Some mispronounced words, and it was disconcerting to hear certain scenes done in what I think of as the Harlequin Romance Sex Scene Voice, the soft husky drawl you use, but you seem to use that voice for everything outside of story notes. I had to skip parts because of that. You sound totally different when you do readers notes."

The comment made me a little mad. I messaged my beta listener ([archiveofourown.org profile] jsea) who assured me that I pronounced everything correctly. She surely would have caught the mispronuncations on one of her four complete listen throughs. The only thing that could be construed as wrong is the witch chant that is used through out. At one point, myself and two other people (I think you were in on this [personal profile] piscaria) tried to figure out how to say it, so I eventually went to the author for her input and what you hear in the podfic, is what she settled on. So I'm a bit hurt that this accusation is out there that I didn't put enough care into my project to make sure that my words were pronounced correctly. Of coarse, they could be from a different country then me though....

What gets me here is the idea that it's something to rip me apart about, that I use a narrative/reading voice. I admit I do. Over the last year, I've developed my reading style. Let it evolve into what it is naturally. It's the way I'm comfortable narrating. I connect to the words better when I'm giving a performance. In essence, when I podfic, I'm acting. If all actors just used their own voice, everything would be quite boring, I think. When I get anons and comments like this damning the way I read, it hurts. My story notes are me talking. So of coarse they are going to sound different. Because I'm not performing that bit.

Le sigh. I'm so very unhappy about this comment. I didn't know what to say to the person because I wanted to rip their face off and piss in their mouth...but instead I just said, "Thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment. <3". I didn't want them to win, I didn't want them to have the satisfaction of breaking me. Is it possible the only consolation is that they didn't say it anonymously? So now I know what to expect when I see their name from here on out. (BTW, they have another one of my projects bookmarked;) and have zero contributions to fandom whatsoever.)

Well in a weird way they won a little bit. I had plans to record today, but instead I just went back to bed. I'm just so angry about this shit. I wanna rage.
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I'm so fucking sick of the link to text inquiries. Next time I get one I'm posting a picture of my butthole in the reply.

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I needed an outlet to work through my anonymous hate shit. So I made a thing.
[10:51] but really only [07:08]

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Jun. 2nd, 2013 01:25 am
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I was reading the comments to a podfic (which I won't name) and the only comment the podfic received was someone asking them if they had another version of it, because they don't like music in their audiofics. Well, the p-ficcer was really nice (WAY NICER THAN I EVER WOULD HAVE BEEN) and offered to make a new version of it for the person without the intro/exit music and the musical breaks she put throughout the podfic. 

This kind of got me seeing red. I don't think the commenter meant anything bad by it, but I think it was RUDE. I have music in EVERY>SINGLE>PODFIC I've ever posted. I have music in it because I like it and it's MY VISION to have it in there. I put a lot of thought into picking the right music and where and how long I place it. I do this because, as an artist, this is how I want my finished product to be. My podfics aren't complete without music. I feel by asking a podficcer if they have a different version of something because you don't like the one they made, is like asking a fic writer if they have an alternative ending to their fic, because you didn't like the one they posted. 

I feel really strongly about this. I have seen other readers post 2 versions of their works, one with music, one without. But that was their vision. To have both available. That will never be my vision. I know that wasn't the vision of the artist who got this comment, because she obviously put a lot of time and thought and effort into placing musical breaks throughout her work. She never intended to have a second version, because she never made one. 

To top it off, the commenter answered her back telling her not to bother that she would go ahead and edit out the music herself.....


So the gist of my grumble...Don't ever make the mistake of asking people if there are other versions of their work. BECAUSE THAT IS OFFENSIVE. I can't be the only person who feels this way...

Or maybe I am and it's just late and I'm cranky. 

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A random [livejournal.com profile] mating_games fic posted yesterday and blew my mind and nothing will ever be the same!!! *ugly sobbing*

It's crazy how 1249 words can change your whole life. The fic I'm talking about is Break Out The Folgers by [livejournal.com profile] marguerite_26. It's a Laura Hale/Derek Hale/Stiles Stilinski threesome Teen Wolf fic. Within like 5 seconds of reading it, at about the time Derek was licking Stiles's come out of Lauras pussy, I was fucking locked in and hooked!! I freaked out, I flailed, I rec'd it like a madwoman. Then I went and found a Transformative Works policy and ran as fast as I could to my mic. Recording and editing took like an hour. It actually took like 2 hours to make my craptastic coverart and it was uploaded. YAY! (see here if you want)

But then I went on a journey to find all the Laura/Derek/Stiles fics so I could just drown myself in them... And what did I come up with?

3 fics(here, here, here) and one ficlet(here)!!!! (One of them was a genderswap!Laura, so not really what I was looking for, but nevertheless I love that fic with all my being-1001cranes, FTW \o/!!)

So yea. I read them all and fell pretty hard for one of them, then like an addict gone dry, I kinda got depressed because there wasn't anymore. Sadness hit me hard, so I just immersed myself into [archiveofourown.org profile] neverbalance's Nerves More podfic, which was already in constant rotation on my iPod. So I listened to it for the 2nd time in a week, and cried myself to sleep because there was no more. :( (btw, I'm totes being dramatic. I didn't actually cry, or go to sleep.)

So that brings me to a very important question!! Who's D or P do I have to suck to get some more of my new OT3 action??? HELP!! I'm dying here. I actually contemplated google doc'ing other fics and just replace names with Laura so I can keep reading. Needless to say, this is a serious effing addiction for me! I NEED MORE. NEED IT!!

Le sigh. I guess I will go back to my corner now and pine away. xx

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