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Day 12: In your own space, talk about what you bring to fandom. It can be something tangible, or not.

Well, now that you ask, not a whole lot. I make explicit podfics, which I guess is something of value to a fraction of fandom. But I don't mod anything, and I'm sort of terrible about leaving comments, although I do try.

I support fan-artists by buying their art on society6 and their tea blends on adagio. But let's be real, I do that for my own selfish enjoyment. 

I question the status quo within some of my fandoms. I have unpopular opinions on fannish topics/policies. But I'm not an asshole about it. I don't police people who have different opinions than I and I don't push it on anyone.

I sort of ebb and flow through conversations with authors on story ideas, but that's not really my forte either. Writing/Plotty stuff. I guess I've been like a sounding board for author friends before. That's something, right?

I reblog pretty things. But that's not really contributing is it?

I archive stuff at the Audiofic Archive. But tbh, lately all I archive is my own stuff.

I squee a lot. Do I get points for that?

Man, I'm sitting here realizing I don't contribute much at all. But I fill a seat in the fandom community, I know that, at least. 

Sometimes with my sob stories and awkwardness and bad times I can give others schadenfreude. And anytime you give people pleasure, that's a good thing right??

Okay, yea. I'm just going to stick with podfics. That's my contribution. For your (and my) enjoyment. Maybe. Probably? Perhaps. Not sure.


[end of awkward semi-negative self deprecating confidence lacking uncertain personal journal entry post]

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