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Got tagged on another memeythingy and it was to list great things. And it made me start thinking about all the really great (and simple) things that make me go XD.

  • Apple earbuds (they’re so snug and comfy).
  • Netflix, the love is real.
  • Fandom tea blends. <3<3<3 I drink them everyday! In love with Sugar Puppy by daunt.
  • The San Francisco Giants. (Big Time Timmy Jim is my dude)
  • Spanx. Yo. They are amazing. I get the higher power briefs in black and they are like the best thing ever. 
  • Podfics by reena-jenkins. How is she even real? She’s amazing.
  • Matcha kit-kats. 
  • Shiori - the OS X Pinboard plugin. OMGz best ever.
  • Diet Pepsi. 
  • Salad Cream. It’s an addiction.
  • Neckz ‘n Throats. Possibly the greatest thing to ever come from the twoof fandom.
  • My eReader. I want to be buried with it.
  • Sarah Prothero. My soulmate.
  • Vaska laundry soap. it’s magic.
  • Orgasms. so so great.
  • Edison light bulbs. I stare at mine for long periods of time and it elicits deep thoughts in me I have no idea why.
  • Once More With Feeling. I don't even know how a soundtrack that I've listened to like 1000 times could still be interesting...but it is. 
  • Simply Irresistible by givenchy. My scent, dudes.
  • fanvids by The Nerjaveika. Oh shit, her/his vids are magikkkkkkkk.
  • Big Brother. Totally my guilty pleasure television. SO sad Zach and Donnie were backdoored. Zankie was a beautiful ship while it sailed.
  • My new bed. After sleeping on an air mattress for years, I get to sleep on a big girl bed now. A queen deluxe pillow top that is 10000% sexy.
  • Bulk food shopping. I'm overly obsessed with buying bulk foods. I have like 75 containers in my pantry of shit I'll probably never use...but it's so great to buy bulk. I always feel so proud taking up my bags of 9 different rices correctly labelled with the correct PLU number on the twisty tie to the checkout. (It's the little things, okay?)
  • P-Touch label makers. For the OCD in all of us.
  • Venti Java Chip Frappucinno with 8 pumps of frap roast. Party in my mouth.
  • Ativan 1mg. 
  • Tweetdeck. So much love.
  • Vibrams Five Fingers. I have so many pairs it's unhealthy. OR super healthy because I wear them on my workouts.
  • Hendrick's gin. my shit. no other gin will suffice.
  • Dylan O'Brien's fingers. Omg that devildoll gif post of him opening the bottle of Jack D in S2 is back on my dash and it does such wicked things to my nethers. 
  • Getting carded. Once you get into your 30s, getting carded is not a hassle. It's a compliment. 
  • Holiday liquor giftsets. it's all about the glasses.
  • Cold weather. (I live in the devil's buttcrack aka Arizona, recognize!)
  • The way Peter Steele popped his K's in every Type O Negative song.
  • Gay Zombie's in love.
  • The British TV originals that can never be adapted to American audiences. (You know what I mean.)
  • The smell of lit matches.
  • Dungaree Dolly purses.
  • O Peggy Gordon (and anyone who's ever performed that song.)
  • My cats (Peggy Gordon and Captain Jack Harkness II) I used to be a dog person, but man, cats really fit me. They're fucking assholes. I love them.
  • People that put their heart and soul into the stories they write and do it for free. 
  • Laura Jane Grace
  • Snowball microphones.
  • polka dots and skulls and hearts. 
  • Marzipan.
  • Blackout curtains.
  • Cursing. Loudly.
  • Peppermint foot lotion. From the body shop!
  • The slow dance at the end of Beautiful Thing.
  • The Freedom of Choice Act. Keep yo laws off my body, homie.
  • Bamboo knitting needles. Accept no imitations. 
  • Hallelujah, but only when it's Jeff Buckley's.
  • Barack Hussein Obama.
  • That time I met Nick Cave.
  • Hotels. 
  • Sexy armpits.
  • A Thing of Beauty Part 1
  • Shibari done right.
  • My iPhone. So many apps, so little time.
  • The Origin of Love. And for the first time, I believed in something.
  • The Nagron happy ending. goat farm!
  • Tentacles.
  • Asymmetry. 
  • Coconut Oil. I'll never cook with anything else.
  • gifs.
  • My fitbit. Dopest dopeity dope thing evr invented.
  • Pressed penny machines.
  • The Orca Project. One day it will just be a bad memory. 
  • Henry Rollins.
  • The Audiofic Archive
  • My brass knuckles. (never leave home without em)
  • cyan, magenta and yellow. 
  • skinny jeans.
  • samosas with cilantro chutney. wut wut.
And the list goes on . . . 

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