Jan. 4th, 2014

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In your own space, post a rec for at least three fanworks that you did not create. See if you can rec fanworks that are less likely to be praised: tiny fandoms, rare pairings, fanworks other than stories, lesser-known kinks or tropes. Find fanworks that have few to no comments, or creators new to a particular fandom who maybe aren't well known or appreciated. Appreciate them.

  • Fire Season & In The Stretch | [archiveofourown.org profile] sophiahelix | Baseball RPF | Fic | I've always been a bit weary of RPF. I just don't enjoy it the way some other people do. Sophiahelix basically changed my mind about all of that with her baseball/SF Giants fics. Both of these series are burning hottttt. And she infuses the baseball life with the slashy goodness perfectly. She gets exactly what I love about both Tim Lincecum and Buster Posey, it's like she took all the things I love and fantasize about them and wrote these sexy and perfect fics, just for me.
  • Wash Me Clean | [archiveofourown.org profile] tigerlady | Teen Wolf | Fic | I love this fic. Keep meaning to record it. It's one of my favorite Twoof longfics that includes watersports. This fandom is seriously lacking that. I love that she went there. Also all the sex is burning hot. Great fic. Lots of kinks. It should have about a thousand more kudos then it currently does.
  • For Neither Ever, Nor Never | [archiveofourown.org profile] reliand | Teen Wolf | Fic | I find myself putting this fic up because it's not gotten a lot of love, and it deserves so much more. It has extreme underage and Derek is a serial killer/sociopath. Reliand is fearless with her stories. I love that so much about her. I've heard people whisper about too. That it's a guilty pleasure fic that people in the Twoof fandom enjoy, but that they don't want to admit to it. Well fuck that. Also, this fic is 10000% responsible for one of my strongest fandom/(now real life) friendships. <3
  • The Great Pretender | [archiveofourown.org profile] talktowater | Teen Wolf | Fic | I dig the jive talk in this fic so hard. I wish talktowater hadn't been scared out of fandom, because her fics were such a delight. This fic is the gem of her bunch, tho. I think pulling off fics that are set in another time and make it be totally believable is hard. She nails it with this fic.
  • Clever Strategy | [youtube.com profile] TheNerjaveika | Spartacus | Fanvid | I'm billion percent positive this vid is what got me shipping Agron & Nasir. I dare you to watch it and not ship those two. (P.s. Their vids are fucking brilliant.)
  • The Creepy Cave | [archiveofourown.org profile] shiningartifact | Teen Wolf | Podfic | Hands down one of the best podfics ever made. SA's voice is sex. #arrrrrrousal.
  • Needs Must | [archiveofourown.org profile] dodificus | Suits | Podfic | Flawless reading. When I listened to this podfic for the first time, I didn't even know what Suits was. This podfic was like a gateway drug for me. This is a great fic, but this is a podfic masterpiece to be elevated way above the original story. Also. 100k words/recorded/edited/posted in 5 days...major props to dodificus.
  • Many Kinds Of Man, Many Kinds Of Bodywash | [archiveofourown.org profile] kalakirya & KnucklesPop | Old Spice Commericals | Podfic | This is one of the best things I've ever put in my ears. I don't want to say anything else about it...I just want anyone that's never heard it and reading this, to go and listen straight away. It's pure comedy gold.
  • Alpha Derek And Stiles | [deviantart.com profile] frog90yaoi | Teen Wolf | Fanart | I think this was my wallpaper for like 6 months.
  • And It Feels Like I Am Just Too Close To Love You | [deviantart.com profile] Shamanmy | Teen Wolf | Fanart | Whenever I read that Stiles has been genderswaped, I can't unsee this. Viva la headcanon!
  • Strange Bedfellows | [deviantart.com profile] StoneTheCrow87 | Oz: The Series | Fanart | No joke, Beecher/Keller was my first ever slash ship. I take that very seriously. This art is perfect. <3
  • Climb On Nasir | [archiveofourown.org profile] crazzzedope | Spartacus | Fanart | Just. Look. At. It. #perfect

I could just go on and on, so I think I'll end this now. <3 Ciao.

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