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Day 14: In your own space, post recs for at least three fanworks that you did not create.

[TEA] Simon Tam & Kaylee by Amy Zen - Firefly | Fandom tea - I drink a crazy amount of fandom teas from adagio. It's ridiculous. I was perusing the Firefly blends when the Simon Tam tea caught my eye and I stuck it on an order. I bought it thinking it would be a fun one to have laying around, but then a few weeks later my damn bag was gone. WHERE'D MY FREAKIN TEA GO?? So I replenished it and got the Kaylee tea too because they are in a ship and you get a discount etc. And OH BOY her tea is flippin awesome too! These teas do actually embody the characters, like whoa. I just re-ordering every time. They are both on the sweet side (Simon is peachy/ginger and Kaylee is strawberries/cream) and totes fulfill my no-guilt dessert cravings. Such good teas! Yay fandom teas.

[FIC] Sell Your Body To The Night by [archiveofourown.org profile] dsudis - Teen Wolf | Explicit | 122k | Derek/Stiles, Stiles/OMCs - Duuuuuuuuuude. 122k words of underage hooker!fic with fisting, watersports, angst and misunderstandings. This is like the perfect fic for me. Ticks all my boxes. I loved it so much I podficced it. It took me 10 days to record, but I slayed the beast. Honestly, everyone knows Dira right? You know what a good writer she is. She fucking delivers on this fic. The beginning was great! The rising action/falling action, the climax, the ending. All of it was spot-fucking-on.

[PODFIC] Given In Evidence by [archiveofourown.org profile] erica_schall - Sherlock | Explicit | 12+ hours | Sherlock/Watson - Do you have a podficcer that you listen to because their voice just really does it for you every.single.time? Yea? Me too. It's Erica. So I have to be upfront say that I'm not into Sherlock, or even read it. I had never read this fic before downloading this podfic. But when Erica posted the final chapter, I decided to have a go at it. And it was the best decision I've ever made. I've listened to this podfic probably 5 times now. It accompanies me to work and driving and to the gym. And I have all my favorite bits picked out when I need a go-to comfort bit. Erica's voice is so precious to me, like I can't even put into words how much I love her reading style and the just power of her rumbling tones. At times in her reading, my body has a physical reaction to the sounds she makes, the tone of her voice and they way she says certain words, her cadence. I often wish I smoked, just so I could have a fucking cigarette after listening to her. I just love her a lot okay? She's the bee's knees. And she made me love a fanwork I would never have looked at twice if it weren't being narrated by her.

[FANART] Little Red Has Pointy Teeth by [tumblr.com profile] daunt - Teen Wolf | Digital | Derek/Stiles - I have the purse, the print, the pillow the mug and it's my current desktop background. I really love this art. I'm not sick of looking at it and I keep buying it in different forms because I want to take it with me everywhere! I got the tote purse, but then literally carried it until it had holes. I think it was one of the first twoof arts I saw on tumblr back when I was drifting into the fandom and I attribute it to my attraction to exploring this ship, which is my main ship now. Stiles as the big bad wolf and Derek as red. It's so perfect. And sexy.
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