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...and I'm just so excited!! About to turn the mic on and start recording a beast of a fic. I've been kind of blocked lately with my illness, although I did post a podfic recorded/edited/posted while I was in the hospital. So now I've got my mojo back and I'm excited. I read a Twoof longfic in one night and fell in love with it. It was like the author wrote it to be narrated. When I spoke to her (she's a very popular author) she said that nobody's ever asked if they could record her and I'm like WHAAAAAA??? and YAYYYYYY!!! at the same time. Her masterpiece has over 6 thousand kudos and I'm just so thrilled to bring to life a fic that is that well received and loved by the Teen Woofers. Don't you love when something fannish falls into your lap and inspires you? I do.

I'm not saying who or what fic it is right now so that it can be a surprise when I post it in a few weeks. But a few peeps in my twitterverse know what it is and everyone's pretty stoked about having it in audio format. SO here I go.... :D
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