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In your own space, talk about a creator. Show us why you think they are amazing.

There are so many people I would like to celebrate in my fandom. But one comes to mind over the others. Her name is Beth and she goes by [archiveofourown.org profile] secondstar. Since writing her first Teen Wolf AU in August 2012, she's contributed over 531,000 words of impeccably written Sterek fic over 25 stories. The quality of writing combined with the originality of her stories and the fast pace in which she cranks out these fics is just stupefying.

If you're going in for the first time not having read her fics I'll rec you my top 10 favorites: (Although, I have yet to come across a fic of hers I don't like:)

You Can Call Me What You Want (A Hooker/Escort AU)
Tremble (Part 1 of His Dark Materials AU)
Havoc (Part 2 of His Dark Materials AU)
The Company I Keep (A College/University AU)
Versus (A Football AU just finished today!)
In This Twilight How Dare You Speak Of Grace (A Zombie AU)
And The Only Solution Was To Stand And Fight (A Domestic Violence AU)
We Are So Intimately Rearranged (A Student/Teacher AU)
Just A Little Hocus Pocus (A Hocus Pocus AU)
Hold Your Breath And Count To Ten (A Bond AU)

Anyway. I could tell you all the things I love about Beth, but that stuff is for me. Read her fics, follow her[twitter.com profile] attoliancrown [tumblr.com profile] attoliancrown, and find out for yourself how awesome she is.

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