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Well, what do you know....I missed a day again. Life, man. I was so engrossed in finishing my new podfic, that I forgot to post my journal challenge yesterday. So today you get 2. (Is anyone actually reading these anyway?)

Day Twenty-Six: 
Someone Who Fascinates You

Benazir Bhutto. What a woman. I remember when she was assassinated, I watched the news report and cried for long time. She was the example of a strong woman. I've read her all of her books. She is the true definition of a hero. What she accomplished in her too short life...like whoa. Don't think I need to say much more. But if I could have dinner with anyone dead or alive, I'd choose her, and hug her, and thank her for making an impact on me and the world and Pakistan.

Day Twenty-Seven: 3 Confessions

1. I have a scrapbook of wedding things. Although I'm not convinced I'll ever get married. I made it back in the day when it was a possibility. My colors were black, white, red. The wedding dress I picked out was red with black trimming. My veil was black. The food was from the Frida Kahlo cookbook. It would've been a kick-ass party.

2. I almost died a couple of years ago. I had weight-loss surgery because I thought I couldn't do it on my own, and I got such a massive infection that I almost died because I didn't seek medical attention straight away. They had to remove my lap-band and I had a giant hole in my stomach for months afterwards that had to have a wound-vac attached to it so it could suck out my infection. It was awful. The worst time of my life. It was after my recovery that I said FUCK IT, I don't need surgery to lose weight. And I've lost 130lbs since. 

3. I'm losing my house. I bought a house a few years ago when I had a great job and it seemed everything was wonderful. Then I got laid off. And now after years of struggling to keep the house when I can no longer afford it, the bank is foreclosing on me. So yea. Awesome. But don't worry. This isn't a woe is me story. I'm okay. It's just one more curveball, I'll handle this just like I handle everything else. And perhaps it might be nice to not be in debt and be so worried all the time. Perhaps it's actually for the best.

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