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Day Twenty-Three: What Is Your Spirit Animal?

Oooo. I already have an answer for this. When I read His Dark Materials when I was younger, I decided my daemon would've been an arctic fox. I love going to zoos and I have a fond childhood memory of going to the San Diego Zoo and falling in love with the arctic fox. Like we had a legit moment together. He was being flirty flirty with me, running back and forth and preening for my attention. I took a gazillion pictures of him. Anyway. Like all the animals ignored me, except that fox. And I stood at his enclosure forever while people came and went, and he totes ignored them and just pranced over to me and made eyes with me the whole time. 

He was like the best part of that whole trip for me. I fell in love with the little guy. So when I was a kid I looked up everything I could on arctic foxes and they became my animal. My power/spirit/daemon animal. 

Last year I went back to the zoo and passed the Polar Bears to find the arctic fox and even though it wasn't the same dude, we had a moment....and it was awesome:) I'm 32 and I still have my arctic fox plushie that my dad bought me like 25 years ago in the gift shop. 

Look at these cutie pies:

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Day Twenty-Two: Post 5 Random Photos From Your Phone






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Day Twenty-One: Bullet Your Whole Day
  • I arose.
  • Water closet time.
  • Showered/Brushed my teeth/Brushed my hair/Make-up'd myself/Dressed myself.
  • Breakfast (egg-substitue and salsa).
  • Talked with my mum.
  • Drove to work.
  • Work. (There was a mandatory break, a snack and also a trip to the bathroom).
  • Drove to the grocery store.
  • Shopped.
  • Drove Home.
  • Put stuff away.
  • WC time, again.
  • Drove to Starbucks.
  • Hung out at Starbucks, editing podfic for 5 hours (also I had 2 trenta peppermint/mocha skinny iced coffees)
  • Drove home.
  • Prepared dinner. (Sundried tomato ravioli with mushrooms)
  • Ate dinner with my mum.
  • Watched part of a Muhammad Ali documentary on HBO with her.
  • Retired to my bedroom. 
  • Spent about 30 minutes scrolling through tumblr and the shameOTP blog.
  • Spent another hour editing podfic.
  • Watched some porn.
  • Had 3 orgasms. (SORRY)
  • WC time, yet again. (Also, pyjama time!)
  • Walked the house, extinguishing the lights.
  • Pet the kitties.
  • More computer time.
  • Writing this.
  • Now...off to slumber. (There will be fic reading).

Fascinating stuff. (Knot)

Oh. P.S. Sometime today, I spent far too long staring at this new Twoof promo photo of DylOB:

(You're welcome.)

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Day Nineteen: Something You Regret

How I left things with Dodie. 
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Day Eighteen: Post A Selfie (Taken Right Now)

Ugggg. I hate taking pictures of myself. LIKE REALLY HATE IT. I just don't. So you're getting a super duper close up and that's it. And I totes angled the camera down so my fat face doesn't look so fat.... Plus, the people at this Starbucks are looking at me funny. SO.

(What I really look like)

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So real life finally caught up with me. I came home last night, ate, and passed the fuck out. So I missed posting day sixteen. So I'm posting a double feature today. :)

Day Sixteen:
List 10 Likes & Dislikes

1. Pinot Noir.
2. Road trips.
3. Double coupons.
4. My Blue Snowball microphone.
5. Staying in hotels.
6. Buy One Get One Free.
7. Torrents.
8. Bamboo knitting needles.
9. Porn.
10. Caffeine.

1. The word shimmy and all it's variations.
2. When people lay their money on the counter for you to pick up instead of handing it to you like you are a human being.
3. Meat.
4. Commercials at the movie theatre.
5. Hand dryers in public restrooms.
6. Ikea Instructions.
7. Paying for parking.
8. The sound of cats mating.
9. Walmart.
10. Religious zealots.

Day Seventeen: What's In Your Purse/Handbag

1. Wallet
     a. money
     b. DL/credit/debit/membership cards
     c. band-aids
     d. bobby pins
     e. usb flash drives (4 total)
     f. lego bilbo baggins (he lives in my change purse)
2. Snap case (Where I keep my coupons)
3. Purell Hand Sanitizer
4. Tampon
5. Scissors
6. Name tag
7. MG217 Psoriasis Lotion (FML)
8. Truvia packets
9. Headphones
10. iPhone (Not Pictured because I'm using it take the photo)
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Day Fifteen: 10 Guilty Pleasures
I don't feel shame or guilt about much. What I do feel shameful about is spending money when I shouldn't. So most of my list is centered around that.

1. Tattoos. I'm a sucker. When ever I have some extra cash, I get a little ink done. I have a lot of tattoos (and piercings...and body modifications). A LOT.

2. Dancing With The Stars. Yea. I watch it. And sometimes....The Voice too. :O

3. Java chip frappuccino's with 2 extra shots. FUCK it's expensive. But it's a caffeine party in my mouth.

4 . Top shelf gin. Hendricks Gin is my shit. As Dorcas on Lark Rise to Candleford would say...."it's my only weakness". (10points if you know what any of that means)

5. Dungaree Dolly purses. I might have a bit of an addiction. Not sorry. Her handmade bags are the fucking bee's kneez.

6. Sushi. I can't afford to eat out. But daaaaamn, when I do, I go all out. 

7. Daily Polar Pops. Our big gas station in T-town is Circle K. They have 79¢ giant-ass fountain sodas. So yea. I partake on the daily. I'm a super healthy eater. So it's my one dietary indulgence. And I only drink diet pepsi. So whatevs.

8. Henry Rollins's books. That dude writes like 3 books a year. I buy every single one of them. 

9. Gossip blogs. I can't help myself from looking at those car wrecks. So sue me.

10. Jordan almonds. I like to suck on things. What can I say?
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Day Thirteen: Ipod Shuffle
Put your iPod on shuffle and write down the first line of the first 10 songs that play on random. Then read it back to yourself. Does it tell a story? Cite the song title/artist/album at the bottom.

They tried to make me go to rehab, I said no no no. I died, so many years ago. Hey, what did you hear me say? I'd like to tell a little story. Don't you be wasting all your money on syrup and honey. I'm not calling you a liar, just don't lie to me. Start wearing purple, wearing purple, starting wearing purple for me now. I like the way she shake that jelly jelly jelly (in and out, in and out). Find you in the dark, read you like a cheap surprise. Eins, zwei, drei, vier, funf, sechs, sieben, acht, neun, aus.

(Bonus: Listen Here)

1. Rehab/Amy Winehouse/Back to Black 2. Rest In Peace/James Marsters/Once More With Feeling 3. Erase|Rewind/The Cardigans/Gran Turismo 4. Zombies Ate Her Brain/The Creepshow/Sell Your Soul 5. Syrup & Honey/Duffy/Rockferry 6. I'm Not Calling You A Liar/Florence + The Machine/Lungs 7. Start Wearing Purple/Gogol Bordello/Gypsy Punks: Underdog World Strike 8. Shake Dat Jelly/Three 6 Mafia/Da Unbreakables 9. Silvergun Superman/Stone Temple Pilots/Purple 10. Sonne/Rammstein/Mutter
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Day Eleven: The Last ....

1. Food you ate? 29 reduced-fat cheez-its.

2. Song you listened to? Buzzcut Season by Lorde.

3. Object you touched? Other than my computer? Dixie cup.

4. Movie you watched? Pacific Rim.

5. TV show you watched? Last nights Downton Abbey episode.

6. Book you read? Temeraire #4.

7. Fan fiction you read? Part 12 of Starts With F, End With U

8. [Podfic] you listened to? The FCC Won't Let Me by majoline. (The original question was audiobook/podcast)

9. Time you orgasmed? This morning. 

10. Time you showered? This morning.

11. Time you exercised? This afternoon.

12. Thing you created? A podfic for The Soft-Lipped Gangbanged Boy by ya3ani.

13. Person you talked to? My mother.

14. Email you received? My kudos email from AO3.

15. Fight you had? I *think* an argument with dancinbutterfly.

16. Time you threw up? Like a week ago when I was sick.

17. Call you made? I called my dad.

18. Call you received? Target pharmacy telling me my prescription is ready.

19. Youtube video you watched? Jose Gonzales - Heartbeats

20. Picture/gif you reblogged? An American Horror Story Tarot Card art post.

21. Picture you took with your phone/camera? My cats sleeping together on my mum's bed. 

22. Impulsive thing you did? Got a tattoo of the name of the last person who broke my heart.

23. Lie you told? I said we didn't have something to a customer at work because I couldn't find it.

24. Liquid you drank? Guinness Draught. (From the dixie cup)

25. Place you travelled to on holiday? San Diego, Mission Beach, Cali.

26. Concert you went to? Ummmmmm. The Yeah Yeah Yeahs.

27. Object you purchased? A loofa. 

28. Location you drove to? The gas station.

29. Time you cried? 2 days ago.

30. Person you told 'I love you'? I think Jess when we were gchatting.

31. Webpage you visited? Fitbit.com

32. Item of clothing you took off? My shirt.

33. Text you sent? Yayyyyy to reliand via iMessage.

34. Time you laughed? Ummmmm. I think at an All-State commercial. (Mayhem.) 

35. Thing you dreamt? I dreamt of my mother executing me with a guillotine over and over and over.

36. Thing you downloaded? Araline's podfic for MFEO.

37. Time you changed your sheets? Last time I did laundry, a week ago.

38. Time you got angry? This morning. Mum was a bitch to me.

39. Person you fantasized about? I think it was Tim Lincecum.

40. Time you were happy? It's been a while...although I believe I had happy feelings when I finished recording Tiny Houses a few days ago.

41. Record you bought? (Ummm. I don't usually buy records...I acquire them) So probably Nick 13 by Nick 13.

42. Curse word you said? Cunt.

43. Thing you ruined? IDEK? My mascara?

44. Thing that creeped you out? A spider in my bed.

45. Time you went on a date? A few months ago with my then boyfriend.

46. Received a gift? A few weeks ago, Jess bought me my new Snowball mic:D (Because she's the most lovely and amazing person in the whole wide world and I'd marry her if she wasn't straight.)

47. Joke you told? During kings cup a like 2 months ago when I got a jack. J:What do old ladies smell like? PL: Depends. (Someone laughed, I didn't have to drink.)

48. Time you fell in love? A year ago?? Maybe less. 

49. Time you wrote someone a letter? A few months ago. A postcard.

50. Promise you made? Something private to my therapist.
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Day Ten: 10 People You Find Attractive
It said men, but I changed it to people because I'm not just attracted to dudes.

1. Chiwetel Ejiofor Probably my #1 celeb crush. He's ridiculously attractive. Then he opens his mouth and my lillypad gets mighty dewey.

2. Liv Tyler She's been my mama for a long time. 

3. Gotham Chopra Been crushin on him forever.

4. Tim Lincecum The Freak gives me butterflies.

5. Shoriah Aglodashloo I've had a debilitating crush oh her ever since I heard her speak.

6. Imelda May My Irish vixen.

7. Henry Rollins Just. He's fucking rad as shit. I'm very attracted to him.

8. Dale Cooper Guh x ∞

9. Masuimi Max is a goddess. 

10. Dylan O'Brien I hate his stupid fucking face and how much time I waste thinking about it. 

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 Day Nine: Your Five Favorite Blogs

1. Big Shoe Diaries aka Colby Keller's blog. He is a ridiculous human being. I LOVE HIM TO DEATH. My favorite parts...probably Books For Boners (You send him a book, he poses naked with it and his erect peen makes a guest appearance) and I See Dicks (Colby can spot phallic shapes every and anyhwere). He's a cultured dude. I love reading his words. 

2. DevilDoll's Tumblr She's an amazing and truly fascinating gal. She's a great writer! And what I've learned most about this beautiful soul? She loves horses, grilled cheese sandwiches and Teen Wolf. 

3. Fuck Yeah Teen Wolf Incest Do I even need to elaborate?

4. Vintage Gal What I really love about this blog is that she isn't just reblogging retro photographs. She actually obtains each of the images she posts. All of her content is posted with the motive of preserving these photos (film posters, actors headshots, burlesque performers, celebrity candids from a different era, old horror flicks, pin-ups etc) for modern consumption. I dig it. Plus. I reblog the shit out of her. 

5. All The Bryler Talk Ugggg. I'm not proud of this. But I legit love this gossip blog. Like I don't *like* gossip, but I find myself drawn to this stinkin blog each day. I can't actually tell you I care about either one of the actors, because I don't. I just get deeply into reading the anon comments and seeing how wrapped up people are in it. It's shameful. I'm full of shame. But it's like a car wreck, I can't look away. *hides*
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Day Eight: Your 10 Favorite Foods

1. Cheese Give me all the cheese. Would eat/could eat for every meal of the day. I am a pretty healthy eater so I can't indulge as often as I'd like, but I reward myself daily with those little babybel Light rounds (the ones in the wax). :D

2. Sushi Veggie sushi that is. My perfect roll would be like asparagus tempura, avocado, cucumber, taro, cream cheese and sesame. NOM NOM NOM 

3. Malai Kofta Sometimes I'm not so much into the fritters because of the friedness, but I'd eat it with veggies all day any day. I just don't know what the dish is called without the pakoras.

4. White Corn Dude. I wish that corn wasn't so high in calories. I can eat the fuck out of some white shoepeg corn.

5. Falafel There is this food truck on Speedway that sells the best falafel. Their tzatziki is so good you want to drink it.

6. Avocado Give me a spoon, some sea salt and some lime juice and I could devour a bag of avocados. No joke.

7. Hummus Perfect food is perfect. Kalamata olive hummus is my shittttt.

8. Potato I can just Bubba gump some potatoes. Like give me all the potatoes, many times, in many positions. If you can think of a way to make some potatoes, I can get down with it.

9. Peanut Butter From the jar, yo.

10. Marmite I don't know why I love this stuff so much. But I could probably live off of it if I had to. 

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Day Six: Recommend 5 Different Things You Love

Okay I'm total shit at writing up recs, so this is gonna be weird.

1. Book Night Film: A Novel by Marisha Pessl
I was lucky to receive an advanced readers copy of this novel. My mum works at a Barnes and Nobel and snatched it for me because we were broke and she couldn't afford to get me a birthday present. It might have been the best present ever! "Night Film tells the haunting story of a journalist who becomes obsessed with the mysterious death of a troubled prodigy--the daughter of an iconic, reclusive filmmaker." It's a huge ass book. It feels like it weighs 10lbs. I think you could kill someone with it. I loved the mystery of this novel. My favorite thing about it is how visual the book is. The book is filled with faux news articles, pictures, memos, letters, diagrams, shooting schedules, police reports. It's a stunning book. The book visually reminds me a lot of Leaves of Grass. It's definitely one of those books you want to put your hands all over instead of buying the ebook or getting the audiobook. What is so great is you get to go on the adventure of the murder investigation. It took me about a month to read it, but I throughly enjoyed it, and spent many nights failing to go to sleep because I was so engrossed in it.

2. Album Good Mourning by Alkaline Trio
OHHH this record. I love this record with all of my being. I fell for this band on accident. My old roommate had come over to my new apartment and stuck this CD in my player and accidentally left it there. Well I found it, and he never got it back! Alk3 is a pop-punk band in all of its glory. They sing about dark shit and they do it with a smile on their face. This record starts off with a song about a dude giving detailed instructions on how to kill him and play with his dead body. :D:D:D (This Could Be Love) And it ends with a dark and lovely break-up song that was so moving to me I decided to get the lyrics tattooed across my fucking chest for all time. (Blue In The Face) The band has 2 singers. Matt Skiba and Dan Andriano. Both dudes trade off on vocals and have such different sounds that somehow shouldn't work well together, but it fucking does. It's magic when they do their thing. They make one cohesive unit and write the most disturbingly beautiful songs that just gut me with their magical feels. Bonus. During the recording of the record, Skiba's voice started to deteriorate, he eventually had to have surgery, but the rawness of his vocals just adds to the raw emotional feeling I get when I put this album on. It was like a beautiful mistake that adds so much depth to his dark adventurous lyrics. Gods, I love this album.

3. Movie The Sum Of Us
That Australian gay film that Russell Crowe did before he got famous. This movie ties as my favorite film ever (with Beautiful Thing). I first watched this movie when I was a teenager with my mum. We had a life changing moment together watching it. The movie is about a Father and Son. It's a love story. I have major feels when I watch this thing because the love story between the two dudes is so fucking beautiful and moving. Even though the movie is about a father and son, my mother and I felt so connected to it. Like we hoped that someday our relationship would be that close and real. We watch it every once in a while and reminisce about how much it means to us. I can pretty much quote the fucking thing in its entirety. "CALL ME HENRIETTA!" I will never stop having relevance for me. I will love this movie until my dying day.

4. Fic Tiny Houses by ohmyjetsabel [Teen Wolf]
I didn't think a fic would ever surpass my love for the By and By series by 1001cranes. This fic just fucking ripped my heart out and pieced it back together. I LOVE EVERY SINGLE WORD OF IT. It's mpreg. It's got lots of angst. It's got body horror. It's got attempted abortion. It's got so much shit that makes people run in the other direction, but fuck! if I didn't just barrel straight into it and fucking hug the shit out of it. A lot of people left comments like: "I usually hate mpreg, but I loved this." "I usually hate kid!fic, but this was wonderful." So ohmyjetsabel did something that a lot of writers can't. She makes people who hate the subject matter, fall in love with it. My only gripe about it is that it ended. I would just about give my first born to see the 60k she cut out of the fic over the year it took her to write it. This fic is special. It is amazing. I rec it to anyone who wants to read honest to goodness 77k words of BRILLIANT fic. I hope I am doing it the justice it deserves with my podfic of it. (I will be releasing it on my 1 year podfic anniversary on the 23rd. It means that much to me.)

5. Podfic In The Stretch by anna_unfolding [Baseball RPF]
I can't really write a coherent review of this podfic. I can say I fucking loved it. I loved it so fucking much I left the author audio feedback. I loved it so much that I've listened to it like 5 times through now (it's almost 5 hours long)...and still queue up scenes from it on a daily basis. Perhaps that can say for me what I can't seem to put down into written words for you. Listen to my flailing here: (excuse the ums, breaths and giggles, I was super fucking nervous)
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 Day Five: Favorite Picture of Myself

Not a current one. I think I was mid-twenties here. I'm early thirties now. This photo was taken for something. I can't remember anymore. (I think a newsletter for my then employer) Anyway. I've always loved the picture. I was nervous, so I had my head down. I had some lovely liberty curls in my hair that day, but they got cut out. Since this photo, I've lost weight. But there is something about it that has always made it my favorite picture of myself. The one I'm not ashamed to show people. 
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Day Four: Share 10 Things On Your Bucket List

1. Move to a different country.

2. Finish the Tucson Marathon.

3. Become fluent in Sign Language.

4. Go to Mardi Gras.

5. Pay off my mortgage.

6. Get some scarification done. (Tentacles!) 

7. Go to a Con. 

8. Visit the Maldives and stay in an underwater hotel room.

9. Go to AT&T Park and see my guys play. Bonus: See my boy Timmy pitch.

10. Finally wear my dream dress that is hanging on the back of my door. (Inspiration yo!)
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Day Three: Meaning Of My Name/Blog

Well. I've gone through many names. My nickname is Jinx (or Jinxy). For a long time I went by Miss Deidra in online communities. I was super active on a porn website's forum, and everyone on that site knew me as MissDeidra. There are still lots of interviews out there of me on camera talking as MissDeidra. I used to be pretty active in the kink community as well. Once upon a time you could find me on fetlife.com and collarme.com under Mistress Deidra. So my name sort of popped up out of an smush of those things.

I have a horrible habit of jinxing people when I talk/type to them. So naturally the nickname popped up and stuck. When I decided to start journaling and posting podfics, I chose to use the name Jinx to get away from the place I was in when I was known as MissDeidra. Since jinx is such a popular word, I attached the mistress to the front of it. 

My tumblr blog is called Armpits & Shotguns. Once upon a time, long long ago... I was chilling in a hotel room with some gay porn stars. It was during San Diego Pride 2010. Myself and the object of my gay porn affection (well, gay-for-pay, turns out he wasn't so gay) were hanging out, getting drunk and one thing let to another and we found ourselves shotgunning a particular type of cigarette with me going to town eating his armpits out. OTHER things happened in that hotel room too, but it would be unladylike of me to spill those details. In the end, my favorite moment of that weekend became the title to my blog. 

So. I think that's about it on that front. :D

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