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Jinxy ([personal profile] mistressjinx) wrote2014-10-08 04:16 pm


Dear Podficcer,

This is my first year doing this thing. I want to thank you for signing up and making me stuff.

I am an easy gal to please because I have zero squicks. I can get down with every kink, trope, theme -- whatevs -- anything you can come up with. I am into like every cliche trope out there. I read just about anything if it's recced to me. So basically I'm just really opened minded to all things.

I will tell you that I prefer Explicit, but I really don't care about ratings either.

I will tell you what I love the most, of all the things:
soul mates/soul bonds & childhood mates
regency aus
neckz and throats (in Twoof)
armpit kink

I have made a list that is posted to my Dreamwidth which is a vast list of all things jinxy (which you can find here) although it tends to intimidate people because its so kink heavy, so don't feel obligated to look at it.

The fandoms I'm super duper into are:
Teen Wolf
Baseball RPF (Giants-centric)
In The Flesh

I'm ridiculously open to pairings in these fandoms, but should you like to know my favs--here they are:
(TW) Derek/Stiles, Derek/Laura/Stiles
(Baseball) Tim Lincecum/Buster Posey
(Stoker) India/Charlie
(In The Flesh) Kieren/Simon
(Snowpiercer) Gilliam/Grey, Curtis/Edgar

I will be happy and thrilled with anything you make. I totally believe in coloring outside the lines, and if you want to record something that isn't on the list, then go for it! I will enjoy that too. I can't wait to see what you pick. <3333