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This is just a little post to let you all know that I have retired from making podfic.

I  am no longer going to record fics. I'm just too tired of all the hateful messages and unsolicited criticism. It's no longer fun anymore. 

I've spent hundreds and hundreds of hours making podfics and it kills my spirit every time I get hate.

So I'm not going to spend one more second doing something that no longer gives me joy. I'm quitting now so that I don't rage quit fandom all together. I still want to enjoy fic and my friends. I still want to archive and listen to podfic and get joy from it. 

To the authors that I've asked for permission, I'm so very sorry I never got to make your thing. Thank you so much for being open to podfic and giving me and others the opportunity to record your work.

To my auction winners who are due podfic. I will be paypal'ing you a refund as soon as my tax return gets to me in a few weeks time. I'm really sorry I couldn't fulfill those for you.

Thanks to everyone that has been cool with me. I've made some great friends, and I'm not going anywhere. 

<3 Jinxy

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