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By teeny tiny I mean, 1 day. My dad hijacked me for a day of old man site-seeing in New Mexico. We took the 10 to Deming, NM then went on to Truth or Consequences, NM, on to Silver City, NM then back home to Tucson, AZ. Originally we were going to go to Roswell, but I got sidetracked walking all the shops in T or C and before I knew it, hours had passed. It was a cute little town. Population 6k-ish. Lots of artsy shops, a movie theatre showing one dinosaur documentary, shops selling chilis by the bundles. The only other time I'd heard of the town was because there was a movie called Truth or Consequences starting Kierfer Sutherland, but I'm not sure if it was shot there. For Arizonan's T or C reminds me a lot of Prescott, AZ. I dug it hard.

On our way back, we got stuck going a back way through some mountains/camping trails where the speed limit was 10mph. I saw snow. It was weird. I don't think i've seen the white stuff in over a decade. Took some pics, probably my favorite was this abandoned gas station at the side of some small little almost non-existent town. The picture didn't do it justice, because it looked like it was straight from a horror flick.

Over all, my father subjected me to 12 hours of 80s music on his XM radio station, tons of stupid roadside attractions, food from a few greasy spoons, lots of dumb jokes and an awfully fun day.

Here's a few pics:

a. start of the trip. :)
b. sunrise next to a power plant.
c. wind turbines. (I'm a bit obsessed with these beasts)
d. abandoned horror film gas station.
e. welcome to t or c.
f. idek why i took this pic. reminded me of the rock monster from the neverending story.
g. burnt out mountain side with snow.
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